Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Fourth of July

So we were out enjoying the fireworks display. I used the Sunrise Sunset app for the iPod to get the time of sunset down and ended up missing the first part of the display.
I am fortunate that I have a good place to photograph fireworks. I use a house that has a widow walk and it is on a hillside the fireworks display is close by on another hillside so I have a pretty much unobstructed view of the fireworks.
I don't have, yet, a cable release for the new camera so that is in the works sometime in the near future. I had to resort to a 2 second time delay on the shutter and I got some very nice shots. I used a Tamron 18-250 lens to capture these shots. I shot some photos at f-5.6 and the majority of the rest at f-22 to get multiple explosions on the same frame. My exposure time was around 30 seconds.
I decided that I'd play with the zoom just to see what happens during the long exposure times and this is one of the photos that I ended up capturing that I really liked. I really like the blue color. Just seems like a great big blue jelly fish. I also played around with getting really zoomed in on the bursts and I really like this shot. Hope you all had a good fourth. Take care be well.