Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Canon 5d mk II Camera Sweet

I got the new Canon 5D mk II home.  I just bought the body and equipped it with a battery grip.  I also bought a second battery for the grip.  I've already got some good glass to use on it.  Though not all of my lenses will work on the full frame body.  Darn.

I can only get 130 or so photos on a 4 gig card. That's wild. Anxious to see the results from the camera.

Take care be well.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day 2010 Phoenix National Cemetery

Me, My Brother and Pa

Patriot Guard Riders

We visited my ma on Memorial Day. It was good to see so many caring people there. Sad to visit my ma. This is my family. We are all vets. My Pa, is one of those that served in the Army, Army Air Corps and then the Air Force, My brother is a Marine. Me I was a Navy FMF Corpsman that spent most of my active duty with the Marines, 1st Marine Division, 1st ANGLICO Sub Unit 1 attached to the 2nd Korean Marines Blue Dragon Brigade in Quang Ngai Provence RVN.
Semper Fi
Fair winds and following seas.
Thank you.

Shutter failed Canon 40D

Yes, right in the middle of a photo shoot I got an Error 99 message on my Canon 40D LED screen. Yup that's a bad one.  It means the shutter failed. S o now it is in the shop being repaired.  Feel like a I'm going through withdrawals without my camera. I decided to break out the big guys so I took the Toyo-View 4x5 and the Mamiya out to do some photos. Funny thing about being really careful when you go back to film. I took several photos with the Mamiya using the close up attachment. I saw some really nice plants with nice lighting so I took photos. Now I have a frame with several exposures on it. Should be interesting to see if nothing comes out.
It was interesting getting out there again with film. I did some experimenting with PW's and the 4x5 and got that up and working now I just have to get some really nice photos with it.
Just for fun I got me a Lumix DMC-ZS7 P&S with GPS so I can track where I'm taking photos. I've also ordered me a back up that should be here sometime today. Can't wait.

Just for grins here are a few photos taken with my new Lumix DMC-ZS7.

The macro works really great.  Here are some photos taken with it.

Remember the worst photo ever is the one not taken.

Take care be well.