Saturday, February 13, 2010

Theresienwiese, München

This wonderfully bland scene is where the famous Oktoberfest is celebrated every year. This year will be the 200th Anniversary of the marriage of Franz Joseph to Maria Theresa. The original celebration was a horse racing event. It eventually turned into the celebration it is today. Upwards of up to a half million people are on this field every night during, some of them actually sober! Just clarify things Oktoberfest is held the last two week ends of September and the first weekend of Oktober. If the Monday following the last weekend happens to be on the 3rd then Oktoberfest is extended that day because in Germany it is a holiday.
This is the statue of Bavaria. In front of her during Oktoberfest is part of the midway full of rides and vendors selling their wares. During the summer months it is possible to climb to the head of Bavaria and observe the Theresienwiese.
A thing that most people don't know is that all the buildings for the celebration are only up during Oktoberfest. The field is otherwise empty as it is a park and an emergency exit site for the U-Bahn below.

This is the statue of Bavaria

 Just had to have a photo of me in front of Bavaria. Someday I'll take a photo from her head if I'm lucky enough to be here when she's open. Someday.

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