Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vantage points München

I've been to München several times in the course of several years and several times since I've been here this time. It is amazing the discoveries one can make by either looking up or down. I found this vantage point to get this photo of the Glöckenspiel on the new town hall by accident. I've known for years that there is a restaurant where you can visit and see the Glöckenspiel from the same height just about instead of being with the masses on the ground below.
This vantage point discovery and several other accidental discoveries made for a very good day in München. One of the few days since I've been here that there has been some sun. Okay well it is behind the clouds but it was possible to see some blue sky for a change.

This was obviously not taken at 11 or 12 which are the two times a day when the Glöckenspiel actually plays. Just so you know also it plays for about 15 or so minutes so when the rooster crows the show is over. Also the Bavarian Knight always wins the joust! It is after all Bavaria. If you take the street to the right of the new courthouse and turn left and walk about ten or fifteen minutes you will end up at the Residenz, which has some fabulous things to see along with a very nice museum. If you take the same street and go to the right you will find Alte Peter a very beautiful church. If you walk along either street past Alte Peter you will end up in the Viktualin Market. Food Market where you can see and taste many different kinds of foods and colors. Watch out for the pigeons they aren't to afraid of people. Here is also a manhole cover that I discovered by looking down. I love the work put into it.

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