Sunday, February 28, 2010

St Michael's Church Munich

The coffin of Ludwig II
Sometimes you just have to take the time and look around. I've been in München for nearly two months now and almost daily walk from Staccus/Karlstor to Marienplatz and each and every time I do I walk past this building that is being cleaned up. Here in Germany they put up a big picture of the building in front of a building that is being renovated or cleaned.

This is a big year for Bavaria as it is the 200th anniversary of the marriage of Franz Joseph and Maria Teressa more commonly known as Oktoberfest to the rest of the world. It is also putting on the Passion Play in Oberamergau so there are some things going on that is making the town put on its best face. So looking for things to do my sister said that she wanted to visit the tomb of Ludwig II king of Bavaria. He is best known for his Neu Schwanstein castle. Never heard of it? If you've ever been to Disneyland then you know it as the white castle with its tall peaks and turrets.

Alter of St Michael's Church
So here we are daily walking by this building and thinking that it was something else entirely. As it turns out I did some research on the internet and asked a few friends here and was told where Ludwig II was interned. So it turns out that this is St. Michael's Church in the heart of the pedestrian way between Staccus and Marienplatz. The church is in need of getting its pipe organ repaired. It is a beautiful church and if the sun is out you should be able to get some very nice photos of it. There was very little sun out when I visited here so I bumped my point and shoot up to 3200 ISO and it worked fine.

It will cost you 2 Euro per person to enter the burial chamber but worth the trip. Lots and lots of history there in the basement of the church. We were lucky enough to hear the organ being played and I took a video of it but it is to big to put on here. It is beautiful sounding and it is in need of repair as you can hear a few sour notes as it is being played. It should be very beautiful when it is repaired.
So take the time to look around, be curious. I had the fortune to be able to spend some time here. Slow down, look around. Sometimes it is better to take your time and see things than to race through and glimpse at a bunch of stuff snapping photos as you go buy. Try some different angles with some of the things you see. I did with this statue here going for an almost portrait look instead of a static statue. This figure was next to an alter so I was pretty close to the floor and zoomed past the alter so it wouldn't show. I still had the camera set to 3200 ISO so this is what came out of the camera.
Had my sister not been interested in seeing this I would have missed it all together. I have missed it the last four times I was here. It was worth the time and effort to find it.

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