Friday, February 5, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe, München

Here is the bar of the Hard Rock Cafe in München Germany. Pretty easy to find if you are in the Marienplatz Square walk south past the white building, Old Rathaus, turn left and walk up one block, turn right and at the first street turn left again and you'll be in souvenir alley. You will find the Hard Rock Cafe at the end of the block and the Höfbrau Haus directly across the street. You'll find there are souvenir stores for the München football teams and the Höfbrau Haus. You can eat and drink at both the Cafe and Höfbrau haus. I was here last in 2003 with my family. Funny thing is that we had a waiter from America and this visit I had again the same waiter. It was a sort of slow day so he was able to chat for a little while.

In the Hard Rock Cafe it is possible to get drinks with ice. Ice cubes are not normally served with drinks in Germany. If you ask for a drink with ice you server will give you a strange look because in German 'ice' means usually Italian Ice Cream. Ice cubes look like dice and in German what we call ice is icewürfel roughly translated it means ice dice. Just so you know. You can get a pretty much American Hamburger there also if that would be your choice.
We had a good time visiting with our neighbors and revisiting with our waiter. He was surprised that I remembered him after seven years.  I was surprised also because usually I don't remember things like that.

This is the stage at the Hard Rock Cafe, München. Thank goodness for table top tripods.

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