Saturday, February 13, 2010

Churches München

If you like visiting churches then when you are in München and you find yourself around Marienplatz looking at the Glöckenspiel then you are within walking distance of several very beautiful churches. Frauenkirche is to the left of the old courthouse, the building with the Glöckenspeil, it is just a couple of minute walk to get there. Alte Peter is to the right and just to the right of the bank which is visible while you are in Marienplatz. The pedestrian zone ends and there is a street to the south Alte Peter is just around the corner. If you find Alte Peter then you will also discover that there is a Deutsche Museum shop directly across the street from it. Trust me you'll feel much lighter when you leave that store!!
This is the alter of Alte Peter. If you are interested you can also pay to climb up the tower of Alte Peter and have a wonderful view of München.

This little church is St. Kajetan Theatinerkirche which is just a little way down from the Residenz and a nice church to visit. It is across from Feldherrenhalle.

There is also a church inside the Residenz that is being restored and I took this shot of the stairwell just because I thought it was interesting.

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