Monday, January 25, 2010

Back in München

Just in case you might be wondering how cold it was in Rothenburg then here is a little idea. This was on a shed just across the driveway of our front door. It was a bad idea to check it every day but it became an obsession.
We have left Rothenburg and are now back in München. It was snowing when we arrived in Rothenburg and snowing when we left and now it is snowing here in München. I think maybe it is trying to follow us around.
I have again web access. The place I was using in Rothenburg decided to go on vacation until March so I had to wait to get back on line. I'm here for a few days and hope to be taking more photos.
Here is just a little sampling of how cold it was in Rothenburg. This was on a sidewalk on the way to Rödertor on the south side of Rothenburg. Yes that is ice around that plant.
This just seemed to scream take my picture. So I did. Sort of like a dream of Christmas past and now over and done.

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