Thursday, January 28, 2010

Andechs Kloister Herrshing

Alter detail
Went yesterday on a little walk to Andechs Kloister I had heard about this a long time ago and I thought it would be a good time to visit. It is around the area of Herrishing in Bavaria. It was a little cold and as I'm sort of new to traveling by train anywhere this was a learning experience for me. I got on the right train and ended up two stops short of where I wanted to get, so now I've learned that I need to check and make sure I'm on the right train. I was able to wait for another train to take me the rest of the way to Herrshing but had I been on the right train I would have gotten there sooner. The other thing is that if your stop is between the last stop listed on the train then you can get on that one and make it to your stop, you just have to make sure it stops where you want to get off.

Alter of Church
The walk to Andechs was a bit farther than I had expected turns out to be about an eight mile or so trip there and back again. You can take a bus but I was under the impression that it wasn't that far away. Silly me. The weather was in the zero to minus Celsius range so at times it wasn't a pleasant walk but it was a good walk. On the way there we missed a sign on the foot path and ended up on the street, which because of the snow made life a little scary as there was no where to go once the cars were coming except into the snow. The roads here are very narrow so they aren't very far away and when the speed limit is 80kph that's kind of quick to have cars going by you about two feet away on snow covered roads and uneven sides covered with snow.

We managed to find the foot path on the way back and it appears it could be very scenic in the summer time but in the winter time there were many foot falls and you are in the middle of a pretty big forest most of the time so it proved to be interesting. Luckily for me there were already some footprints going my way and I followed those back to civilization.
I would recommend the bus or if you have a car drive there. I had planned on sampling the beer but the hour plus walk in minus Celsius temps didn't make it seem like a good idea.
You must visit the church, it is one of the most impressive churches I've visited in Germany this time or ever. Yes, it is that nice, not Cathedral quality but very close to it. There is the beer garden and food to sample too. After we walked all the distance I don't ever feel like eating so I guess I'll just have to plan to go back some time.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

München and snowing

So we arrived here in München and then it started snowing. I wonder what that means? It was snowing when we left Rothenburg and now it is snowing here. The weather says its going to be cold as in the minus teens Celsius and snow until Sunday. Oh joy. I'll just have to visit museums for a couple of days I guess.
I'll be posting more photos later. I'm taking a day to do some things so that I will be better organized for the remainder of the time here. Be well take care.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Back in München

Just in case you might be wondering how cold it was in Rothenburg then here is a little idea. This was on a shed just across the driveway of our front door. It was a bad idea to check it every day but it became an obsession.
We have left Rothenburg and are now back in München. It was snowing when we arrived in Rothenburg and snowing when we left and now it is snowing here in München. I think maybe it is trying to follow us around.
I have again web access. The place I was using in Rothenburg decided to go on vacation until March so I had to wait to get back on line. I'm here for a few days and hope to be taking more photos.
Here is just a little sampling of how cold it was in Rothenburg. This was on a sidewalk on the way to Rödertor on the south side of Rothenburg. Yes that is ice around that plant.
This just seemed to scream take my picture. So I did. Sort of like a dream of Christmas past and now over and done.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter storm Daisy

So how bad is Winter Storm Daisy here in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. Well this is a photo of an impression of the front end of a car. I know maybe it isn't much to those back east but from an Arizona/Cali guy this is quite different. It is interesting to see, not much fun to get out in. I'm getting really reacquainted with hot potato soup here in the afternoons. It sort of helps to take the chill off. Oh yeah that and a little schnapps really helps too.

This are a set of steps leading to the wall around Rothenburg. You can walk most of the wall or near it. It is interesting to walk around and see what is happening. Naturally there are signs all over the place that you are responsible if you fall and get hurt.

If you have never been to Rothenburg ob der Tauber than you wouldn't know what this is but if you have been then this is what the front of Kathi Wohlfahrt looked like on Sunday. Just a little snow piled up in front. If you've never been here then just make sure that you have plenty left on your credit card. It is a wonderful place to part with your money. Lots of Christmas stuff to see and take home with you.

Friday, January 8, 2010

St. Jakob's Church

This is called the Heiligblut Alter. The holy blood alter as it is believed to contain three drops of blood from Jesus in a Crucifix higher up in the carving. This carving was started in 1496 and completed in 1501.  The figures are life size.  Tilman Riemenschneider is the person who carved the figures.

St. Jakob's Church will be celebrating its 700 anniversary in 2011 and is currently undergoing renovations to its exterior and some of the interior. I've been there twice since I've gotten here and I believe I'll be there a couple more times before I leave. It is a great place to take photographs.
This is called the High Alter and it is very large and wonderfully done.

 This is the alter of the coronation of the Virgin Mary done by a student of Tilman Riemenschneider that carved the Blood Alter.

 If you get the opportunity to visit here then you should take a couple hours to walk around.  If you get the chance to take a tour then I would highly recommend that you do that also.  There is just so much information that you find out about the church while you are on tour.

Be well travel safe.

We're in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Here is a little building that I really like the looks of ever since the first time I ever saw it. It is called Plönlein or little market. It has been drawn and painted and photographed by many people. We are having a good time exploring the town despite the few snow flurries and apparent terrible weather in Europe.

This is me standing in the doorway of my bedroom. As you can tell you can't be to tall otherwise you'll hit your head. Not really a problem though because there is about a five or six inch drop as you step into the room. I have to be careful at night.

This is called Burgtor and it is really very nice. It leads into a very nice park which overlooks the Tauber River.