Saturday, December 12, 2009

Trier Photos

We've been a bit busy visiting places. This is Trier and I put pictures of the Black Gate, Porta Niegra, and part of the Cathedral and an old BMW that was parked on the street advertising for a toy museum.
The Christmas market was nice and visiting two of the forty churches in Trier was also lots of fun. We also visited the cathedral which is famous for having a shirt of Jesus. This was a long day for us. We left Bacharach at about 0800 and returned about 2130. It was a good day. We visited also the town of Bernkastle-Kues and the little Christmas market there. It is an interesting town along the Mosel river. Lots of Fachwerk houses and even a castle. Don't know the name of it. But I did get a photo of it.

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