Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We visited yesterday Koblenz. It was very cold and windy by the rivers Mosel and Rhine. We swung by the Christmas Market and sort of breezed through the place. I did say it was cold right? How cold was it? Cold enough that the doors of the car were frozen shut when we went to leave the apartment. That's pretty cold for sure. We really don't have the clothes or enough of them for this weather. Maybe it was that we wore the wrong clothes for the day but it was enjoyable once we got home.
I again used the Backtrack device and I'm glad that I brought it along. We were able to get back to the train station with little difficulty. Ingrid had taken us by the station before dropping us off at the German Corner so I had a reading. It took a little longer to get a fix but once we were out and about I was glad to have had taken it. So we made it again back without incident. Very nice.

This is a detail of a water fountain that we saw in the Metternich Square in  Koblenz.

This is the monument at Deutsche Ecke, The German Corner. This is where the Rhine and Mosel Rivers meet.

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