Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stiehl Cafe Bacharach an internet cafe

Cafe Stiehl
I found an internet cafe in Bacharach. Lucky me.  Here it is Cafe Stiehl.  Sharon and I've walked past this several times already.  In fact we had some hot chocolate her to warm up one day and I asked about the internet.  Unfortunately my German wasn't good enough to understand and the lady I talked to didn't have enough English to make it clear to me.  I saw the next day the sign and went in to get more info.  This time I was able to find out that you can purchase internet time by the hour.  You get a card that has a entry code and Voile you have access to the internet from your regular home page!

I found the people there very helpful.  The coffee, hot chocolate, potato soup and schnapps were all very good.

Not so busy right after Christmas but I was told that in the summer it is packed with students.

I've been able to post some photos taken along the way. I hope to get caught up with things before I leave here. I don't know when the next time I'll find a cafe is but I'm hoping it won't be long. We're good. Snow just a little today. We're planning on having some potato soup and take some photos before we head back to the apartment. Hope every one is well.

Me playing around in the cafe

Alexander Stiehl Cafe
Oberstr.  26 -28
55422 Bacharach
Tel.: 06743/947268

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