Friday, December 18, 2009

Harburg Germany

We made it to Harburg only a slight delay in our train was late leaving Mainz so our connecting train was missed. Strange thing is the train we eventually caught was an express and got to Donauwört earlier than the train we were supposed to take.
We went yesterday to Ingolstadt and Hexenagger Castle for the Christmas Markets. We had fun but it was pretty darn cold. I ended up buying a muffler it was that cold. My leather gloves are falling apart so I'm resorting to the other pair which aren't as warm. We did have a good time though it was a very long day. We caught the bus at 1035 and got home at around 2230 after a beer it was bed time by 2300.
We are still also plagued by a minor electrical issue with the transformers. They don't really fit and get hot and stop working. I am hoping to find a German one so elimate the problem.
We are currently doing laundry and thinking about going to Nördlingen to it's Christmas Market later today.
We are having a good time.

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