Monday, December 7, 2009

Rüdesheim, Germany Christmas Market 2009

We have made it this far.  We are staying in Steeg not far from Bacharach Germany.  So far the weather has been predictable. It is raining mostly. I am using a borrowed computer with a German keyboard and it is a bit tricky to use. We are well and have been doing good. Our landlady here speaks very good English and has been kind enough to take us around sightseeing. This makes it very nice as we also are introduced to people in the town. It is very nice so far. Missing the folks at home. We are walking a lot. The apartment is very nice and spacious.
This is us in Rüdesheim at their Christmas Market. This one is very International with several countries represented. It hasn´t been really cold yet just damp. I´ve gotten a couple photos you can check out on flickr.

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