Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The trip gets closer

I've been testing equipment and making decisions on what I should take and what I should leave behind. I've opted to take a smaller suitcase as opposed to the larger size. The reason for this is two fold, 1) The bag is huge and I'd tend to fill it up making it very heavy and hard to handle. 2) We may be using Taxi's a bit to get around and European cars tend to be much smaller than American. The smaller bag should simplify getting around. My trip to San Diego and manipulating the airport was a good test run. I've forgotten people tend to not know where they are going or what they are doing and like everyone else a lot stressed. Smaller, simpler seems the way to go. The experience with my camera bag also clued me into the fact the my computer system was very exposed in the outside pocket. This may be better if I'm traveling in my own car but not at the airport. I did have some one trip over my bag at the airport. That was sort of a heart stopper for me but also clued me into the fact it is better to probably go lighter and have everything closer to my body. I have a few days to figure out what gear I really 'need' to take along with me. My mind tells me what I should take but my heart says take this too! I've done this before with just one camera and lens and got perfectly fine photos. I'm going to have to over rule the I wants to get down to the gear that will serve me well.
So I've gotten some money converted, and the bank account set up. I've just got to remember to call the company to let them know I'm going to be out of the USA and not to cancel my card. I've been getting some base clothes to wear. Lots of layers to put on. My decision to take a smaller bag will necessitate careful planning on my part as to what I take along. I really don't have lots of 'winter' clothes. We don't need them here in Phoenix. I've got a couple sweaters and they seem to hang in the closet for a long time between uses. This will change once we arrive at our destination. I'll probably wish I had more than I brought. There are flea markets to check into if I need anything else.
I don't seem to be getting all the things done on my list of things to do. It seems that I find that there is something else I need to do for the trip that takes priority, so trip wins out. Duh!!! Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to get everything there at the same time.
Til the next time.
Be well.

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