Saturday, November 28, 2009

no internet at bacharach updated found internet cafe

There is a connection at a town close by so I'll be going there to keep in touch. I'll post when ever I get the chance.
Looks like I'll be going without the other laptop. Drats because it had the GPS map stuff on it. I can't load it on the new one because there are no updates for Windows 7. Maybe while I'm there. We'll see.
Take care. Be well. Hope to give an update soon.
update:  I did find an internet Cafe in Bacharach.  I don't know how many times I walked past.  I even stopped in and had hot chocolate and spoke with someone about having internet.  The language difficulties got in the way and I didn't understand.  The next day I saw the internet sign in the window.
I am limited by the power of my battery because I don't want to carry the converter with me when I come.  It is okay the battery charges over night and I have enough power to do what I need to do when we get home.

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