Friday, November 20, 2009

New Computer New Problems

Working on the laptop trying to get it up to date for the trip. I've encountered problems with some of the programs. I can't load the drivers for my IgotU GPS system. That is totally bad news. The new computer has Windows 7 and my drivers don't match that system. I'll be bummed but I guess I'll get around it or over it either way.
Windows 7 also has a new Windows Mail, which is now Windows Live Mail and even thought I've put in all the correct info about my email account I now need a password to get into my mail. Apparently the password that I changed to a couple of weeks ago isn't the correct password. I guess now I've got to waste an hour on the phone to get my password reset so I can use my cox email again. I really don't like this part. New technology is ahead of the computer programs and causes more headaches than needed right now.
Stay tuned to see if I find solutions to my new issues.
Be well. Take Care.

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