Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bag is packed

So my bag is packed and I'm thinking I'm going to unpack it and start over again. I thought I was going to travel light. The suitcase weighed in at 40 lbs. Yes, probably because of the fact that its almost all winter clothes and cables for the chargers and converters but still that's a ton more than I want to drag around. I'm thinking small but essential changes.
I had planned to take my back pack along but I put my camera gear in a different bag so now I have to carry my computer in its own bag. I'm thinking I'm going to revisit that. I put the smaller bag inside my suitcase on the trip to San Diego and that worked out okay. I think I'm going to take out some outer shirts and use the space to put the small bag inside the suitcase again. I can put my computer inside my backpack so I'll be down to three bags, one check in and two small carry on bags. I think that would be the best. Less stuff to struggle with when we are there. Things are sort of in place now. I've just got to finalize the packing and putting of stuff so I know I'm good.
More later.
Be well. Take care.

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