Sunday, November 8, 2009

ANGLICO Reunion November 8 2009

We've spent our days rehashing old stories and remembering tall tales. What's the difference between a Fairy tale and a war story? One of them starts off with "Once upon a time," the other starts off with "This ain't no B S." Of course true to form you never let a lie get in the way of a good war story.
It has been a good journey. We've broke bread together, we've drank together and we've shared our common bond and made it stronger. The time has come to honor those of the new breed and those of our group that now guard the streets of heaven. We've read their names and rung the memory bell in their honor.
Some of us now return to our families and others travel home with their families all are better for the experiences shared. Semper Fi.
If this link works it should take you to the photos I took at the reunion. If it doesn't then check out my Flickr site I go by fotografsbywrh. Use the people search tab not the search pictures tab to get to my site. I have also photos of ANGLICO in Vietnam in 1967.

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