Sunday, November 1, 2009

ANGLICO reunion November 2009 Oceanside, Ca.

I'm going to attend a reunion of my unit that I served with in Vietnam. 1st ANGLICO sub1 2nd ROK Marines, Chung Young, Blue Dragon Brigade. Quang Ngai Provence RVN.
The meet up will be in Oceanside. Should be interesting to see if I remember any of the guys that attend. We'll be pretty close to the water so I hope to get a couple of good pictures while I'm there. This will be a trial run for my camera gear on the airplane and in the airport. I'll get to see how my air porter bag works along with my Crumpler 6 million dollar bag. That'll be in my suitcase so I'll find out how that works. I'm still debating if I should take my large tripod or not. I'm leaning towards yes. I want to see if I can fit it in my suitcase and if I can how do I have to pack it.
Stay tuned and find out.
Semper Fi
Fair winds and following seas.

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