Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photo shoot

The Photo shoot on Sunday went very well. I didn't get lost and we managed to get all the gear there without difficulty. Well, other than the two wheeled cases and several light stand bags. I managed to get all of the gear in it without drama. I needed to remember where I put things in which bag but that went smoother than expected also.

I learned a few things about my lighting technique and I should pay more attention to the background. I used a separation light behind the model and I should have moved a table that cast shadows across the photo.
It was a good shoot. I had three wonderful models to take pictures. That is always nice to have people willing to be in front of my camera.

I did shoot with the camera tethered to my computer. I need to experiment more with that technique. I'm still not sure about the files or changing lenses in the middle of the shoot and those are things I need to figure out.

It was good to have the computer there because at the end of the shoot I was able to make the disc and have all of that finished before I got home.

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