Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Setting up for the Trip

Went to the bank and deposited the check and set up an account to use with a debit card. Found the exchange rate for Pounds is $1.71 for one Pound. Good thing we're only there two days. I got some Euros to start with, next up is Pounds Sterling hopefully to cover the two days. I'm thinking maybe a few more Euros are in order, just in case something happens with the debit card. You know like getting canceled because I forgot to call the credit card company. That's right there on the top of my To Do list!
I got a Crumpler 6 million dollar camera bag to hold my walk around gear in. So far it seems to work rather well. It looks small but it is possible to put tons of stuff in it. I've got to be careful about the tons stuff. I've still got to carry it around! I've been using it around the neighborhood and I like it fine. It looks like a messenger bag so it will fold up and fit in my suitcase and be ready to use as a handy bag instead of lugging all my lenses / camera gear around all the time.
It really is hard to pick three lenses to take on a trip. The options are many. I've opted to use mostly fast glass. Now I just have to pick which one's are the one's I'm going to use. I'm sure I'll have it figured out by the time I leave.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Check was in the mail!

The check finally arrived. Wheew I'm glad that's over. I was getting really stressed that I hadn't planned things well. I've got most of what I want to have done here in order now. I need to start an account with the check so I have money at hand so to speak without carrying lots of it on my person.
We got the headsets for the computer to use Skype and the computer is set up to make the calls. So things are sort of going better. I feel like a major weight has been lifted off.
Just a few more loose ends to tidy up and I'll feel good about the trip.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trip getting close

I'm getting more excited and worried at the same time. I converted money the other day and I picked it up on Tuesday. That's the good part the bad part is I still haven't received my money from the retirement fund yet and that was almost three weeks ago. I need to light a bond fire under them and see what's going on there.
Starting to get those pre trip jitters and building excitement. I'm just hoping the the money arrives on time and I got enough. It will be fun I'm sure once things fall into place. I just need to check out the reasons for the hold up on the check.

Photo shoot

The Photo shoot on Sunday went very well. I didn't get lost and we managed to get all the gear there without difficulty. Well, other than the two wheeled cases and several light stand bags. I managed to get all of the gear in it without drama. I needed to remember where I put things in which bag but that went smoother than expected also.

I learned a few things about my lighting technique and I should pay more attention to the background. I used a separation light behind the model and I should have moved a table that cast shadows across the photo.
It was a good shoot. I had three wonderful models to take pictures. That is always nice to have people willing to be in front of my camera.

I did shoot with the camera tethered to my computer. I need to experiment more with that technique. I'm still not sure about the files or changing lenses in the middle of the shoot and those are things I need to figure out.

It was good to have the computer there because at the end of the shoot I was able to make the disc and have all of that finished before I got home.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Photo exhibit Arizona shutterbugs West

Had the photo exhibit today with the Shutterbug West Camera club. It was fun for me. A little stressful in finding the 'right' photos to take along.  I ended up posting a number of 5x7 photos and a couple 8.5x11 photos.  I used boarder less frames to display my photos.  Good thing I set the photos up before hand.  I did take my laser level and the 3M hangers.

Many people came to check out the photos. I met a few more of the members of the club and had some conversations with them. That was really the good part.
Had a good time.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Trip things coming together

Well this post is coming to you from my 'travel laptop'. I've been getting it synced with my programs and favorites so I can keep in touch with my usual stuff.
I went to the bank today and ordered some Euro's to start the trip. It took a while for the teller to understand that I wanted to purchase Euro's. I finally had to say European currency. It will take several days before I get it but it is on the way. That is starting to make things a bit more exciting.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Photo exhibit

My camera club Shutterbug West is putting on a photo exhibit on Saturday the 17th from 1000 to 2:00 pm. The place it is being held is;
Las Casitas Clubhouse
2912 W Fleetwood Ln
Phoenix, AZ 85017
This is about a block south of Glendale Ave between 27th and 31st Ave. I'm sure you can map quest the address or google it to find out exactly where it is. Once you turn south on 29th at the end of the block, it is short, turn left the building will be right in front of you.
I'm going to have some of my photos on display along with members of the Club. Should be fun. Come and look at our photos. Ask questions and just enjoy being out. Should be fun. Hope to see you there.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Heading to Patagonia

We're heading to Patagonia for an Indian Pow-Wow. Should be interesting. Hope to get a couple nice shots. Should be fun. I'll post some photos later, if their good.