Saturday, September 5, 2009

New Gear

I got some badly needed 'stuff' for my camera. Yes, I really do need more stuff. I finally got around to getting a 1-A filter for my 70-200 f-4 L lens. I've been neglecting to put one on and now seemed like a good time to get it. I also got a Polarizing filter for my 'walk around'  Canon 24-104 f-4 L lens. I figure while I'm walking around looking in those store windows I might want to get rid of the glare for a change. A nice addition to my stuff. I was looking at a very interesting mono pod yesterday. It has a pistol grip and that controls the whole thing as far as height is concerned. Squeeze the trigger and viola you can instantly change the height. I'm thinking it may be a nice piece of gear for the trip also. I plan on being in some very crowded areas and this just might be the right piece of gear for what I want to do.
I spent yesterday loading some actions onto the new computer so I can now do some very nice photo editing with the pictures I've got.
Happy holiday week end to everyone.

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