Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm retired

So I did it. I'm retired. There was a very nice luncheon on the 23rd at The Spaghetti Factory on Central. About fifty people showed up. More people showed up than were expected. That was a good thing.
Randal and I went to the Art Museum yesterday and looked at the photo exhibit. Then we went to the camera store and drooled for a while. We went last night to Haus Murphy for my dinner. As usual it was good though a little warm in the beer garden as there was no breeze.
I'm still trying to get used to this retirement stuff. It feels sort of weird that I don't have to be anywhere really. I do have a couple of photo shoots coming up. I'm doing some photos of Christmas Ornaments. I think I'll do the shoot tethered as I want to make sure that I have the ornaments in focus before I turn them back to the people. I'll be doing two shoots on two different days and locations. It should be fun. Randal will be with me on one shoot. He'll be in school for the second so I'll probably bring a lot less gear to that shoot.

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