Friday, July 31, 2009

Trip Plans 2009

The plans are going sort of slow. Need to use a map and define where I really want to go and hope that the accommodations and the price range fits the budget. So far we have the tickets and reservations in January 2010 for an apartment in Rothenburg o.d.Tauber. It is in the heart of the old city so this is good. The walk to the train station will be maybe a bit of a challenge but I think we'll manage.
I've really got to figure out the simplest route to get to the places I want to see and then find the accommodations. That should be easier to work out. Would help if I knew the geography a bit better.
More later.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ma's funeral service

The service for ma was very nice. many people there I had not seen in many years. It was well done and many people attended.
The service was held at St. Mary Basha's Church in Chandler, Arizona.
Ma was an active member here for many years volunteering her time with the Alter Society and giving communion.
RIP ma.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Germany Trip Plans

The trip to Germany progresses even in this time of sorrow. We now have the tickets and we'll layover in London for two nights then proceed to Frankfurt aM. All that's left to do now is find an apartment or two for the stay. Looking forward to retiring and really start working on the details of the trip. I have lots of plans and ideas that I'm sure I'll have to narrow down considerably before we leave. Money and time being the major constraints. Getting very excited now that the tickets have been locked in.

Ma Passed

Tuesday morning early ma passed. She had a good life. She had suffered for sometime under Alzheimer's. We will miss her terribly.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Participated in 2nd Annual World Wide Photowalk.

I did my second World Wide Photo Walk on Saturday in Old Town Scottsdale. There were some pretty interesting things going on and I had a lot of fun being there. I've never really paid attention to this part of town so I was happy to have gone there and I'll be making a return trip some time to get more photos.

Nobody was fooling anyone with the 115 degree heat this little wintry scene didn't make it any cooler. It was hot and because this is the monsoon season it really wasn't a dry heat.

Just to keep it interesting we had a bit of a dust storm roll through. This sort of put an end to taking photos. Digital Cameras and dust = bad very bad.